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Private Label Services


If you wish to have your own line of products, Romekin USA is the right place to start. We are committed to using the best natural and organic ingredients to create high quality products MADE IN THE USA. We want to offer your business the opportunity of boosting your brand with fresh new natural products, custom made with excellence at a very low minimum purchase requirement.

Product Design

We help you in the creation of your product whether you have your own formula or we design it exclusively for you. In this process you choose the ingredients, the packaging and the size you prefer followed by samples at no cost.

An Idea is Born

If you have an idea for a product, we can help you develop it further. Please contact us to guide you through the process.


After testing your samples and being satisfied with the results, upon your approval, your idea will become true 



- Any type of custom shampoo (non medicated)

- Paw and nose balms

- Dog colognes/ perfumes

- Fur fresheners

- Dental spray / water aditive 

- Enzymatic Tear stain removal (for external use)

- foam face wash

- All natural anti itch

- All natural Dry perfume

- All natural repellant

- Cat anti scratch for furnitures

- Enzymatic Cleaner stain remover ( to remove any type of animal proteins from every surface)

- Enzymatic laundry detergent for pet’s clothe.

We can also customize any product you may have in mind that is not on this list.


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